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Welcome to my F.A.Q's page.
I try to answer as many e-mails as possible in as much detail as possible. Which is great when I have time on my hands, but most of the time I don't, so I am listing my most popular questions here... I am happy to talk about the film industry and offer advice, but if you ask me something I have already explained in my website or my FAQ's, I wont be very impressed. What often is a short one-line question from you, often needs a whole e-mail to explain. Don't forget to check my Site Navigator to find what you're looking for.

Dear Jen...

Can you give me a job?
I am very sorry that I am not in a position to employ anyone or find people work in the film industry. I am not a production company, agent or diary service and am not in a position to influence employment as I am freelance myself, looking for work just like you. Employment opportunities in the film industry are notoriously difficult to find and the competition is fierce. This is how it is, so don't complain, be resourceful. I offer advice on my Employment page where I share how I look for work and other information and advice. I can tell you the secret of success is based on your film network - for more information about this, please see my Networking page.

No, really - I'm really talented and I'm desperate to work in film!
It's good that you're enthusiastic, but you are writing to the WRONG PERSON! Learn about the industry and how it works. I offer some advice on my Employment page and that's all I am able to offer at this current time. If my situation changes, you will read it here. I will also write more on the right and wrong ways to approach people.

Can I send you my screenplay?
No, not at this time as I am very busy developing my own work . I get a great many requests and hope that in the future when I get my career on track and set up my own film production company, I will then be able to take on screenplay submissions. I understand the difficulty of getting started in this industry and list some useful information and contacts on my Writers pages. Remember to copyright all ideas before you send them to anyone and keep a written record of who you send stuff to and who read it. Again, there are more details on my Writers page.

Can you make my screenplay into a feature film?
If you had several million pounds and a distributor I could! ;) If not, you are better off searching for a film production company or a producer. Although I hope that one day I will have my own production company (currently in development) and will be producing films, at the moment I am screen writing and I am also looking for someone to make MY screenplays into movies.

Can I be your friend?
I get a lot of friendly e-mails, but unfortunately I do not get enough time in my life to correspond with my existing friends let alone the multitude of people on the net. This saddens me as I do not like to exclude anyone the hand of friendship so I have set up a Film Group which I hope will bring us all together in filmic love. You are also welcome to join me on MySpace and Facebook. I also have a couple of Facebook groups - one for screenwriters and one for film professionals.

Can I send you an e-mail attachment?
No. I do not accept e-mail attachments for security reasons. If you desperately need to send me something EMAIL ME the details beforehand.

Can I call you to tell you about my movie idea?
I do not give out my private details and as I am currently screen writing, I really need to concentrate on my own work.

Can I send you a photo?
I do not accept e-mail attachments for security reasons. You can set up a Photobucket account, free webspace or Yahoo! Photos then e-mail me the location and I will visit the site.

I have this great idea for a film, but don't know how to write a screenplay. Can you write my screenplay for me?
It is best that you at least try yourself - you may discover a new skill in the process. Check out my writers' pages. You can send me a one-page synopsis via e-mail, but NOT as an attachment. Remember to register all ideas before you send them to anyone. I also list some good screen writing books in my aStore.

Do you want a writing partner?
Possibly. I am already co-writing several projects, with several different writers. It may be best to get to know me better first. I have a film group which has many creative members, which you may like to join. Also please check out my Facebook Screenwriters group, which is open to all.

Can I tag along with you at work to see what you do?
Unfortunately I am not in a position to say yes. It is better to ask department heads or Production Companies in production. Especially now I've started writing, I generally work from home! Skillset run special courses in Film Production which do this.

Can you get me my favourite actors autograph?
Working in the film industry may seem glamorous but it's still a job and I don't tend to meet actors on a day to day basis and if I did I would not ask as it is a professional working atmosphere and you need to let the actors some peace to get on with their work. You can, however, to write to their agent or publicist and they usually will send out autographs. You can find addresses on the Internet Movie Database and Make sure you enclose a self addressed envelope (at least 10x8 inches in size with protective card) with relevant postage/international reply coupons. Be prepared to wait up to a year for a reply. You can also check out my Famous page which lists the official websites of actors, directors, et cetera, and you may be able to information anbout fan mail and autographs there. Many famous actors have great websites for you to visit and interact with.

How do I copyright my film idea/screenplay?
See my writers' page for details.

How do I find work in the film Industry?
See my EMPLOYMENT page for details.

I can't find what I'm looking for.
There are alphabetically listed link categories on my Site Navigation page. If you have no luck there you can try the search engines below. You can also contact me and ask for the information to be included in my website, if it's not already here.


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I want to advertise on
A link is free and subject to whether I feel the link is important or suitable for this site. E-mail me if you would like a reciprocal link. If you are a film company and feel an advert would be suitable for a specific page, please e-mail me the details and it will be considered. The current rate is £25 per six months or an exchange of services. Free if you are a non-profit charity such as the Cinema & TV Benevolent Fund.

I want to be a contributor.
Fantastic! E-mail me how you would like to contribute and what subject you want to cover. Each contribution will be credited and the contributor will also get their own page on Jengo for their CV/Resume. Contributions must be useful information or advice. Suggested links are not counted for a contributor page.

I want to exchange a film link with
Wonderful! E-mail me.

I want to join your Jengo Film Group.
Membership is restricted to industry professionals or regular visitors to this site. You can apply for membership by e-mailing me with your biography, photo and details of why you want to join.

I want to work in the film industry how do I go about it?
If you are still at school, there are more detail on my Employment page.

What is a synopsis?
A SYNOPSIS is a brief account of your story, usually one to three pages long. A TREATMENT is a more in depth version of a synopsis and is around 20 pages long and includes selected dialogue. See my writers' page for further details.

I sent you an e-mail and I haven't yet had a reply
I get a lot of e-mails, but don't get much time to respond, especially if the response is complicated (usually a short question needing a long answer). I am also recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome, so my time is quite limited and when I'm able I need to concentrate on my own writing. Sometimes e-mail gets lost and sometimes if the subject line is left blank or is unclear, I can accidentally delete them thinking them spam (I get a lot of spam) :( When I get a huge amount of mail it can just get lost in the deluge. Best send me another - unless I already answer the question here or elsewhere on the site. I may not have replied if the information is easily available on my site and I think you were just being too lazy to find it or read my FAQ's. Sometimes it is just because the Chronic Fatigue has flared up and I'm busy healing.

Who designed the website
I did, all by myself. As it's just me it takes me a while to research all the links and upload them to my site. As you can see it's a work in progress and will continue to develop and grow. I started on Adobe Go Live! Then I learnt HTML coding from a couple of books 'HTML 4 FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB' and "HTML MADE SIMPLE" . The artwork I created in Adobe PhotoShop. The webspace I have is from Streamline based in the UK and they are Fantastic!

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