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Hello and welcome to my Shop Page!

Not only am I working hard to get established as a screenwriter, I am also recovering from ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and unable to work full time. As a result I have had to think about alternative ways of earning a living and my various online shops is the answer I came up with! The money I make will go towards the costs of running this website and portal, towards healing therapies to combat the ME/CFS and supporting my screenwriting dream.

Shops Description
My Amazon aStore is a collection of items for sale on Items relevent to me in some way and items I think you would be interested in. It is like a collection of my favourites you can browse and buy and it is all handled through Amazon including the sales, shipping and transaction.

Jen's Shop
My own shop of my own things. Either things I have created myself, like my Astrological Aspect Finder, which I invented to help make it easy to find aspects on your printed out birth chart, mandala's I have designed and the crystals to go with them and also second hand goods.

Cafe Press
T-Shirts, hats, clocks, callenders, posters postcards and gift ideas - all with original design and photography by me :)

Red Bubble
Framed Photographic Prints, unframed prints and cards of my original photography and artwork.

Thank you so much for visiting!

Happy surfing!

Love Jen x