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Jen Govey ~ Biography
Jen Govey has over 20 years professional experience in the industry in all aspects of production including; screenwriting, development, pre-production, production, post and delivery. In this time she has assisted some of the industry's finest technicians including legendary British producers Lord Lew Grade and Peter Rogers.

Considered by many to be an up-and-coming talent in British Cinema; her skills and knowledge in almost all aspects of film-making is a rare and valuable commodity in these times - all learned from legends in the film industry. Jennifer grew up in a very creative, film friendly environment. From an early age, her father Peter Govey, a cinematographic technician since 1954, shared his love and knowledge of the cinema and the film making process - inspiring a lifelong interest in movies.

Peter GoveyIn 1984, her father set up his own London based Film Optical House and Jennifer decided to assist him during school holidays. Later, when he moved to Elstree, she visited the set and saw Steven Spielberg making Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), a hugely inspirational experience, which cemented her future ambitions to work in film.

After completing a Diploma in Photography, she received her first (paid) professional experience in the cutting rooms at Pinewood Studios on the feature film Cyborg Cop (1993). She worked on several low-budget productions with some great technicians including film editor Phil Sanderson who became her mentor. Her first big budget picture was Rob Roy (1995), where she was on location for the first time in Perth, Scotland.

Jen Govey and Lord Lew GradeShe soon had the privilege of working with the legendary Editor Peter Tanner (Kind Hearts & Coronets) on Something to Believe In (1998), before being head hunted by the film's director John Hough to work for him and The Grade Company. She was involved firstly with feature delivery requirements, then script-reading, development, pre-production and production. The position involved assisting Lord Lew Grade himself on occasion.

Jen GoveyWhile recovering from ME/CFIDS, she had to adjust her career and concentrate on screenwriting and development. She uses positivity, tenacity and an unwavering passion for her craft to overcome this challenge in her life and hope this will inspire others to not let difficulties get in the way of following their dreams. "I feel so blessed to have such an amazing level of support from my family, friends and industry peers. They give me the courage and energy to keep going when I face both the everyday challenge of recovering from ME/CFS and fulfilling my film ambitions in a tough and competitive industry."

Jen has freelanced as a producers assistant and had the good fortune to work with another legend at Pinewood; Carry On producer Peter Rogers. As well as advising and assisting her fellow film-makers in project development, which led to the formation of this film web site in 2001.

Jen is currently screenwriting and developing a YouTube channel to inspire her fellow Screenwriters called Journey of a Screenplay.

Her ambition is to write amazing screenplays, recover from ME/CFS and continue to inspire writers to pursue thie dreams, sharing knowledge and inspiration. She would like her gift to the public to be highly entertaining movies that also have a deeper, more enriching, ethical underlying message. You know, entertaining enough, not to notice any message, but satisfying enough to feel your belly full of movie goodness and a deeper connection to the universe and humanity.

Jen's astrological chart is featured in Lisa Tenzin-Dolma's book Teach Yourself Astrology . Published by Hodder, UK and McGraw-Hill, US.

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