About Filmtopia

Filmtopia is a new production company in development and is currently in the imagination of Jen Govey. It's very early days, so Filmtopia is more of an idea than a company at the moment. Although not up and running it is my aim to I start my own production company in the future to enable me to work independently on projects I am passionate about with talented technicians I love to work with. If you would like to fund any of my projects, please contact me via Facebook, Stage32, or by e-mail.

I do not accept screenplay submission, ideas or projects at this time, this is a springboard for my own projects, but I hope to do this in the future when I am succesful myself, so please connect, Like me on Facebook or join me on Stage32.

I am currently writing and co-writing projects with the intention of self-production and co-production and Filmtopia is my means to facilitate this so I can work independently on projects I am passionate about with talented technicians I love to work with. Over her many years working professionally in film production, I have collected together a number of experienced talent and this combined with her own knowledge, experience and talent for blending people and ideas should create some really spectacular work.

I am aiming to achieve something really special with Filmtopia and it is something have been working towards my whole life. Filmtopia is founded on a love and passion of the craft of film-making, combined with strong integrity of how things should be done with respect for all those involved. I have been greatly inspired by the 'gentlemen producers' Lord Lew Grade and Peter Rogers and was brought up in the traditional 'old school' of film-making and want to combine and blend this with new talent and explore new techniques and ways of thinking. I would like to see Filmtopia grow into a pool of talent that can tapped into by it's members who will give each other support, creatively nourish and spark off ideas with each other - working a bit like an artists colony of film-makers crossed with a Repertory company. I am working on another project that may bring this idea into being before Filmtopia and just awaiting final funding to be in place. I will post news about this on my Social Networks as soon as there is something firm. If you would like to co-invest, please e-mail me. It's an exciting and visionary project that has huge potential and our finincials show a great potential return.

You can read more about the aims of Filmtopia in the Mission Statement. If you would like to network with Jen and Filmtopia, the best place would be Facebook, Stage32, or by e-mail, though I get a so many e-mails, Social networking is probably the best place to get my attention.

Please note, I am looking for funding not projects at this time.

Thank you for your interest.